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Do you run leadership programs for young women? Do you run empowerment programs for girls? Or maybe your program equips girls with special skills?

Let us know! We are always looking for good programs for girls to attend.


Connect Sisters is a leadership program study abroad agency for young women (age 10-18) in Japan.

We believe girls in Japan need additional leadership programs and should be exposed to the world outside of Japan while they are still young. 

We provide leadership programs for young women in Japan, and for the young women who are interested in study abroad, we arrange leadership summer camp study abroad. 



Only 12% of management in the  workplace is female

This ranks Japan the last out of all G7 member countries in terms of gender equality in management teams. 

1 woman is killed every 3 days because of domestic violence

1 out of 20 women fear death from domestic abuse. 98% of domestic violence victims are women and 40% of the victims have zero income. 

61% of women have low or zero income

48% women have full time jobs in Japan. (78% of men have full time jobs)

Japan ranked 110 out of 149 in the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Gender Gap Index. 97 is the global average.

Sexual consent is 13 years old in Japan

Minimum age for men to marry is 18 years old, whereas for women it is only 16 years old.

Our Mission

Provide leadership programs for young women in Japan.

Create an opportunity for young women to meet role models and mentors globally.

Our Vision

Leadership program that excites  young women to lead their lives.


We prepare the girls before their departure to ensure they will make the most out of their studying abroad experience.

Pre-program We will teach girls about diversity, something that they are not used to in their everyday life in Japan.  

We also continue to provide programs for the girls when they return.

Post program mainly focuses on presentation and setting their next goals. 

After completing the post-program, they will then become our alumnae.

Alumnae can participate in internship programs with our sponsor companies. They will also have opportunities to participate in our events in Japan. (Event example, “meet female leaders in Tokyo”, “Dinner with female politician” etc… )



We want girls to learn more than just ENGLISH. Yes, it is important for girls to study English but that is not the only thing we want them to experience whilst studying abroad. We want them to see and understand that there is a big world out there, with so many different people, values and beliefs. 

The aim of our pre-program is to help prepare them for the world out side of Japan.

Dream BIG

The goal of our post program is to make sure girls will continue to be empowered. 

It is easy for the young women to think they shine and play big while they are abroad but once they return home where gender gap is the norm, they may feel like they are just one of many. Our post program will encourage girls to set big goals for their lives.

Partner Program

Our job is to connect girls to great leadership programs abroad.

If you have read everything we wrote on this page, you should know that we really care about these girls. 

We  care. We really do. 

We will only partner with programs that have the girls best interest in mind.  Programs that consider the girls safety first, that are comfortable but challenging.  

Connect Sisters

The biggest benefit of our program is the sisterhood that is created. We, women all go through times where we need girl friends... Sisters...

We make sure to provide as many chances as possible for girls to meet and find sisters.

We will have sponsor companies for girls to intern or shadow women in the workplace, to find role models and prepare themselves for life after graduation.

Become a Partner

If you run a summer camp program for young women (age10-18) and would like to become a partner, please contact us.

Our partnership manager will get in touch with you to find out if our values and missions match!

Corporate Sponsor

We are always looking for a sponsor company that invites young women to complete internships, part-time jobs or shadow your female employees.

After girls return from the study abroad program, we want to make sure we will continue to provide them with ongoing support to keep them motivated.


Would you like to sponsor scholarship?

Our goal is to provide this leadership program for any girl in Japan.

We want to provide this service to girls who's parents may not be able to afford alternative study abroad programs

We believe every girl should have the chance to learn leadership skills and that is important to change the dynamic of this country.

You can sponsor a girls leadership program by donating now

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